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Bank account number: 11705008-20464565
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About us

Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA), founded in 1991, is one of the largest, internationally recognized charity organizations in Hungary. The founding churches’ initiative grew into a community of professionals, volunteers, donors and responsible corporate partners to help people in need, wherever they may be.

Apart from social programmes in Hungary, Hungarian Interchurch Aid has also carried out humanitarian and development work in over 50 countries, helping those in need regardless of nationality, religion or world view, all the while meeting the highest professional and transparency requirements.

Our mission

Hungarian Interchurch Aid is a community that works together to provide effective help to those in need and people in crisis.

Our main objective is to give disadvantaged families seeking a way out of poverty a chance to catch up.

Our objectives

Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s goal is to deliver quick, professional and effective assistance to people in crisis, victims of natural and man-made disasters.
— Assistance to those in need
Hungarian Interchurch Aid aims to offer not only emergency assistance but also to provide a chance for people willing to take actions to break out of poverty.
— Fight against poverty
Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s objective is to strengthen social solidarity through promoting a culture of volunteering and donating.
— Stronger social solidarity​

How do we help?