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International assistance

Cross-border solidarity: humanitarian aid and international development - The uniquely manifold experience in Hungary makes our organization suitable for the efficient delivery of donations from the Hungarian people and for the implementation of development programmes typically financed from international and governmental funds. With our experienced professionals, we are prepared to mediate the solidarity of those living in Hungary, beyond our borders, in the Carpathian Basin, and as part of the international community around the world.


In 2016, we opened our local office in Erbil with the objective to support returning families and internally displaced persons through humanitarian and development programmes.
In the past years, we have offered breakout opportunities through a number of large-scale and long-term programmes to those who were in a difficult situation as a result of the war.


HIA has been present in Transcarpathia since the organization's establishment. As an organization officially registered both in Transcarpathia and in Kiev, we carry out our work throughout Ukraine with a permanent representation. In addition to humanitarian aid provided after disasters, the aim of our activity is to promote the development of Transcarpathia.


After the events in Romania in 1989, HIA was actively involved in delivering foreign aid. In recent decades, we have been regularly involved in providing humanitarian assistance in disasters affecting Transylvania, and we regularly provide support for the social work of our local partners. As part of our targeted aid programmes, we support the care of families in need and the elderly.


Since 2001, HIA has been implementing humanitarian and development programmes in the country devastated by war for decades. In addition to humanitarian aid, our objective is to achieve, through our permanent local office, long-term sustainable results in the areas of education, rural development, public administration development, health and capacity building.


In Ethiopia, we focus on supporting the poorest people by providing education, adequate food and water according to their needs. In 2011, we implemented a water management programme.In 2021-2022, as Ethiopia faces one of the biggest humanitarian crises in its history, our aid organisation returned to the country with agricultural and education projects.

Western Balkans

For almost 30 years, HIA-Hungary has been actively involved in providing humanitarian aid to the people living in the area, in implementing integration and development programmes, helping disaster victims, organizing courses and providing support in finding employment and staying on the labour market. In recent years, our work has focused on supporting the education of children in the area.

Global Rapid Responses

As part of a strategic agreement with the Hungary Helps Agency, we provide immediate assistance in many parts of the world. The primary objective of emergency relief is to provide immediate, direct assistance to the affected and most vulnerable groups of the population in crisis situations in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Following assessments, we always respond to local needs - most often by providing in-kind aid, shelter & psychosocial assistance in cooperation with local partners.

International projects