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We believe that we can do for a better world by raising awareness with our work related to social and global issues. Explaining context and why and what we do exactly is considered as an important part of community building. We invite everyone not only to think together, but also to act jointly, with the motto of our awareness raising programme series: You also Shape the World!

love doesn't hurt

Since 2014, we have been regularly launching social campaigns as part of the fight against domestic violence and child abuse. Our aim is to raise awareness to the importance of prevention and to offer practical help to those affected. As part of the programme, the experts of our organization regularly hold prevention and awareness-raising classes in high schools.

Don't just cheer, help!

Members of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid team take part in sports competitions to draw the attention of fans to the objectives of HIA, and to transform as many fans as possible into active helpers.

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Playing with Boundaries

Launched in Debrecen and now running in 7 cities around the country a model programme where we draw the attention of teenagers in school classes, club sessions and in camps to the dangers of gambling in the world and on the Internet. In connection with our programme, we have also launched a self-help group led by our local professionals for gamblers who want to get rid of their addiction