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Coronavirus pandemic – 2020

The economic and social impacts of the coronavirus epidemic have profoundly affected the daily lives of people, companies and organizations worldwide. In an epidemic situation the mission of our organization remains the same: to help people in trouble and the needy, those in need who were hit by the consequences of the pandemic when they were in a very difficult situation already.

In addition to the significant assistance provided in Hungary, we also continue our international activities from the funds specifically provided for this purpose, providing humanitarian assistance in several locations in the aftermath of the pandemic.


In response to the coronavirus emergency, our Erbil centre obtained and delivered medical protective equipment to two epidemiological hospitals. Among other things, 5,000 medical masks, 10,000 pairs of rubber gloves, 2,000 insulating gowns, 100 litres of disinfecting concentrate, 50 oxygen masks, as well as oxygen regulators, laryngeal mirror sets and laser thermometers were delivered to each hospital.
The aid operation was implemented from a programme financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


From the first days of the pandemic, we started to support institutions in Transcarpathia that play a role in the care provided to the affected population. We provided disinfectants, medical masks and hygiene products to health and social care institutions. HIA has supported people in a difficult situation and healthcare workers with food and hygiene packages and delivered the COVID19 protective device support of the Hungarian government. Together with Doctor24 Health Centre we made a video consultation opportunity available for Hungarians in Transcarpathia.


In addition to the pandemic, Lebanon is also hit by an unprecedented economic crisis. The Lebanese pound has fallen in value by less than half, and the country is on the verge of total bankruptcy. In response to the circumstances, with support from Hungary Helps, the HIA-Hungary started distributing food packages to families in need. In Beirut, 262 disadvantaged families received donations, and the total project value is 6 million HUF.


The number of people infected with the coronavirus and those who died from the disease in Pakistan is significant. To alleviate the situation, HIA-Hungary is planning to distribute food and hygiene packages in the Raiwind diocese with funding from Hungary Helps. The beneficiaries of the project are disadvantaged families living in the diocese, and the total value of the support is 6 million HUF.