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Humanitarian aid programme in Armenia

HIA has been implementing a humanitarian aid programme in the value of 10 million HUF with the support of the Hungary Helps Agency in Armenia to help the civilians who escaped from the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. HIA has arrived to the spot among the first ones to respond to the crisis and start distributing aid packages to displaced families affected by the conflict. Half of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh, about 75.000 people had to leave their homes – now they receive food-, hygiene packages and non-food-items like clothes.

As a respond to the crisis HIA immediately contacted its Armenian partner, the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation and delegate a coordinator to the site. In the first stage of the programme HIA distributed packages at three locations and provided baskets of food and hygiene items for 27 families. In the frame of the ongoing humanitarian aid programme we will provide support for 330 Armenian families displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh.