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Back on track with QUDRA II

QUDRA II’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises development programme

The main aim of this program is to support MSME development through capacity development, resilience building and non-financial grant schemes. MSME development is grant-based, ensures ownership and commitment, even contribution from the beneficiary side as the participant needs to submit an elaborated business plan which will be evaluated. The goal is to enhance their self-employment skills in entrepreneurship, business development, or marketing. Grants cover the costs of setting up or developing a business: 2,000 USD for micro- (typically 1-2 employees/self-employment) and 10,000 USD for small & medium businesses (which have at least min. 3-5 employees). Besides in-kind grants provision of complementary training (“Know About Business”) takes place in areas such as accounting, marketing, professional skills; equipment, stocks, renovation, extension and/or rental of premises or other necessary means. Ownership and commitment are ensured by active involvement of the beneficiaries in the whole process. Special attention is paid to supporting various appropriate forms of employment for women, including home-based businesses (HBBs), which also take socio-cultural aspects into account. The MSME development program implemented by HIA is part of the employment promotion and income generation.

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