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New primary healthcare centres handed over to Yezidi community in Sinjar, Iraq

Sinjar is one of the last areas liberated from the Islamic State’s reign of terror, where everything had to be rebuilt in order to allow those displaced by the terrorist organisation to return to their homes. On the 9th anniversary of the brutal massacres of Yazidis in Sinjar, Hungarian Interchurch Aid  handed over health centres in two towns, Hateen and Solagh. This means that the much-affected people of Sinjar no longer have to travel three hours twice for a simple medical check-up, but can now access healthcare locally – helping them to thrive locally. The project was funded by the Hungary Helps Agency and implemented by Nadia’s Initiative.

The event attracted considerable media attention, and was attended by Hungary’s Consul General to Iraq, Attila Tóth, as well as local community leaders, health professionals and HIA’s Iraqi partners. In his speech, Bence Dékány, country director of Hungarian Interchurch Aid in Iraq, said:

The handover of the two Primary Health Care facilities in Sinjar, is a symbol of hope, progress, and unity. It signifies the resilience of a community that has faced adversity and emerged stronger. It serves as a reminder that no challenge is unbeatable when we work together with a shared vision. Let us embrace this moment with gratitude and dedication, and let it inspire us to continue our efforts towards a brighter, healthier future for all.