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With HIA’s help more than 10 families can restore their homes in Beirut

The reconstruction of the damaged homes, schools and hospitals has already started but still hundred thousands of people needs help in the Lebanese capital after the explosion on 4th August. An exemplary cooperation started among the locals as many opened their own homes to the ones who lost theirs. Public buildings and private studios also welcome homeless people for the nights. According to HIA’s local partner, the Lebanese Armenian Apostolic Church, this previous month was spend with adapting to the unexpected situation and to start the rebuilding of the capital but there is still lot of work to be done. The donations from HIA’s donors will be a great help in this process.

In the beginning of August, Hungarian Interchurch Aid announced a call to jointly help the victims of the Beirut explosion: following the call more than 1,3 million HUF arrived. The donations – with the help of HIA’s local partner – will be spent on the reconstruction of damaged homes and on the replacement of fenestrations so residents can safely return to their homes.