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Humanitarian aid operation in Iraq

In 2014, following the rapid rise of the Islamic State, the Aid Organization supported internally displaced persons and Syrian refugees in Iraq. Many of the beneficiaries were forced to leave their former homes within just a few days, therefore, helping the families became vital. The packages distributed by the Aid Organization contained per family 3 baby foods of 400 grams, 3 blankets, 1 kerosene cooker and 34 litres of kerosene stored in a jerrican.

The aid operation took place in five locations in parallel: In Sarsing, where deprivation was the largest, 32 large Yazidi families fleeing from Mount Sinjar received donations, of which families over 10 received two packages. In Hawresk, we helped 70 Armenian families from the Mosul area, among them 7 large family shepherds. In the town of Mukable, aid packages were given to 14 large Yazid families who fled from Sinjar. The Aid Organization distributed aid packages to 32 families in Avzrok and to 48 families in Zakho. A total of 196 families, thus 980 beneficiaries could benefit from the aid campaign worth HUF 14,000,000.

Project budget: HUF 14,000,000

Date: November 2014