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Humanitarian aid for Iraqi internally displaced persons in Mosul (ACTIRQ161)

The largest humanitarian action of 2017 was carried out by Hungarian Interchurch Aid in the Mosul region, where it aimed to support internally displaced people forced to leave the city en masse.

Residents continued to return to the towns northeast of Mosul. The Aid Organization distributed durable food packages to the returning 546 Christian and Yesidian families: 103 families received food aid in Basika, 25 in Bartella, and 418 families in the country’s largest Christian city, in Karakos. In Bartella, the Hungarian Interchurch Aid was the first to start supporting returnees.

The packages, usually prepared for families of five, included rice, oil, sugar and other durable foods, which were distributed with the help of a local partner organization of MÖS, CAPNI.

The total value of the aid programme exceeded HUF 10 million.

Project budget: HUF 10,000,000

Date: 2017