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Job creation and reintegration to support Yezid refugees (2019-2020 Hungary Helps 167 million for Jazidi projects)

The HUF 167 million grant ensured by the Hungary Helps Agency provides assistance to displaced Yezidi refugees through educational, humanitarian and economic recovery projects implemented by two Yezidi organizations in Sindhari Province destroyed by ISIS in Northern Iraq, and in an internal refugee camp in Duhok Governorate in Kurdistan.


In collaboration with the Free Yezidi Foundation, the Aid Organization plans to open a bakery in the Khanke refugee camp in Kurdistan, which will provide work and training and reintegration opportunities primarily for Yezidi women and girls living in the camp.

The other part of the grant supports Nadia’s Initiative project: the original plans were to build a school to educate about 150 children in the Sindhari province of northern Iraq, but this was rejected jointly by the donor and partner during a monitoring trip based on experience in the field. At the same time, as a continuation of the project, the possibility of rehabilitation of health clinics also in the province of Sindhari is planned, and the surveys required for this can be carried out in 2020.

Project budget: HUF 167,000,000

Date: 2019-20