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Aid programme 2019-2022 to reduce the adverse effects of the Iraq and Syrian refugee crises – QUDRA 2

With the support of BMZ and the European Union Trust Fund, as part of a large-scale project the Aid Organization started to work on improving the living conditions and livelihoods of Syrian refugees and Iraqi internally displaced persons as a result of the protracted Syrian and Iraqi crisis, as well as those of vulnerable host communities in Iraq.

The two main objectives of the project are to create and support livelihood opportunities and to build the capacity of civil society actors:

and the capacity building of the civil sector is implemented through the training and asset support necessary for the implementation of activities for social cohesion, involving 20 non-profit organizations.

The objectives of the large-scale and long-term aid action include the business development of 350 small and medium-sized enterprises, 30% of which are women’s businesses, and 3,600 people from other vulnerable social groups will receive the opportunity to start income-generating activities.

Project budget: HUF 2,345,000,000

Date: 2019-20