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How do we help in Iraq?

Humanitarian assistance

In recent years HIA has provided significant humanitarian aid to those affected by the war and to the families who had to flee from ISIS, with special attention to persecuted Christians. Our aim is to support homecoming with tools like renovating homes, distributing basic supplies, building capacity and providing services.


Former demolition done by ISIS did not spare schools: most of them are still ruined. Their renovation is essential for children to take part in education and evolve with their mates. HIA is working in Iraq to provide quality education for more children: renovating schools and providing items for children they need for school.

Water- and agriculture management

Accessing clean water is an everyday struggle to many families in villages and in IDP camps as well. In recent years HIA has set water tanks in several settlements, rehabilitated irrigation canals, reconstructed water networks and provided water cleaning system to improve the living conditions of ten thousands of people. As a result of water shortage farmer families often loose their income source so it is important to develop regions and train self-sufficient farmers.

Vocational training, job creation

HIA puts a great emphasis on the training of youngsters and adults living in IDP camps. With gaining new knowledge they can return to their homes and take care of their families. We launched several vocational trainings where participants can learn basic mathematics and business or get familiar with the baker profession or craftsmanship. HIA is even opening a bakery and a shop to support job creation.


Since the appearance of COVID-19 good healthcare is extremely important: at ruined settlements and in IDP camps as well. To provide better sanitary conditions HIA is distributing hygiene packages in camps and building health centers to provide accessible and proper medical care for more Iraqi families.

Qudra programme

Within the long-term programme, funded by the European Union, we provided support for families to stay in place after the war, by creating jobs and strenghtening host communities. The second phase of the programme is focusing on the consequences of the Syrian and Iraqi conflict. Its aim is to improve the living conditions of Syrian refugees, Iraqi internally displaced persons and vulnerable communities that host them, primarily through the creation of livelihoods and capacity building for civil society actors.


Implementing partners