Catch Up Programme

We place great emphasis on the development of children in need and on helping them to catch up: In the framework of our Catch Up Programme, supported children can regularly participate in various development sessions and community programmes. The diversity of activities and personalized development plans provide a chance for change. We strive to ensure that children receive all help to overcome the disadvantages caused by poverty.

In numbers

This is how we help from donations

2 000 HUF can cover one child's participation in small-group tutoring or a kid club for one month (for example: chess, sports, acting, folk dance).

6 000 HUF can cover one child's the participation in individual development (for example: movement development, sessions held by a professional development teacher or speech therapist).

8 000 HUF can cover one child's participation in a 1-hour psychological counselling.

10 000 HUF can cover one child's participation in an adventure programme (for example: outdoor trip, adventure park, children's day event).

20 000 HUF can cover the cost of 4-day-long daycare camp with many programmes for one child.

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