Help families fleeing Ukraine!


HIA has been present in Transcarpathia since the organization’s establishment. In order to carry out the reconstruction work after the great flood in Transcarpathia in 1998, we opened an office in Beregszász, which is still operating. As an organization officially registered both in Transcarpathia and in Kiev, we carry out our work throughout Ukraine with a permanent representation.

In addition to humanitarian aid provided after disasters, the aim of our activity is to deliver long-term sustainable development model programmes that promote the development of primarily the Transcarpathian region of western Ukraine.

How do we help?

  • Child development Child development
  • Job creation Job creation
  • Humanitarian assistance Humanitarian assistance
  • Capacity development Capacity development

Our centre in Beregszász helps children in poverty to catch up through gap-filling programmes: we provide early development for children under the age of 4 in our Safe Start Children’s House, and there is an on-going skills development and tutoring within the framework of our “Tanoda” programme. These are regularly visited by nearly 100 children. In line with this, we started the re-opening of a 45-person kindergarten building and the addition of a 15-person nursery building in Beregszász, as well as the construction of a new 45-person kindergarten in Korláthelmec.

In addition to our permanent social and development programmes, due to the economic crisis caused by the protracted war situation, we also launched an emergency aid programme to help the needy population of Transcarpathia. The work is carried out in consultation with the Transcarpathian humanitarian aid coordinating body. The value of the extraordinary aid programme in Transcarpathia has so far exceeded HUF 100 million.

Since 2014, for an international request, we have been involved in the care of internally displaced persons in several locations, providing tangible support to more than 65,000 internally displaced persons in 543 settlements in 10 regions of Ukraine. In the first years of the crisis, we opened 2 more offices in Kiev and Zaporizzhia. In addition to distributing unit packages containing food, hygiene and household items, we have renovated community accommodation units, delivered hundreds of tons of fuel, and provided psychosocial assistance to those who lived through the traumas of war. Key target groups of the programmes were the elderly living alone, families raising people with disabilities, the sick in need, large families and those raising little children.

In the first days of the coronavirus epidemic, we started to support institutions in Transcarpathia that play a role in the care provided to the affected population. We provided disinfectants, medical masks and hygiene products to health and social care institutions in Beregszász and to local residents in need. In addition, we also supported people in difficult situations and healthcare workers with food and hygiene packages. Our organization also delivered the COVID19 protective device support of the Hungarian government to the hospitals and health care institutions in Transcarpathia

In Kherson, in 2019 we supported the establishment of a crisis centre for the preservation of the health and lives of victims of domestic violence. In addition to renovating the crisis centre, we also facilitated access of families at risk to free social, psychological, legal and medical services, and developed a system of cooperation between local organizations working in the field of prevention and treatment of domestic violence.

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