The time when children has to go back to school can cause significant financial difficulties to families in poverty so HIA works hard to make it possible that every children has equal opportunities to study and to achieve at school. This year, Hungarian Interchurch Aid started it’s Back to School Together campaign for the 9th time and doubled its aim by setting the goal to help 2.000 kids by handing out 2.000 school supply packages, each worth 10.000 HUF.

The aim was to collect 20.000.000 HUF with the help of civil donors and to support the kids who live in HIA’s institutions. Thanks to the generous donors the amount of donations exceeded the set goal; HIA will afford the extra amount of donations on its Catch Up programme which provides various development sessions, camps and community programmes throughout the whole year for children in need.

The neccessity for and the impact of the Catch Up programme is even more visible this year than it was before. As the result of the coronavirus, in the first half of 2020 the educational system was forced to operate in a different way by turning from personal to digital teaching. Many families in need could not afford to digital devices which resulted setback in their childrens’ studying. To beat the disadvantages of this period HIA with the support of several company partners welcomed these kids in summer camps full of fun games and development programmes.

The Back to School Together campaign does not stop at the borders: in September HIA is helping hundreds of children in Transylvania and Transcarpathia to provide equal chances at school and to help them defeat any kind of educational disadvantages they need to face because of poverty.