The Hungarian Government to support Ukraine in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic gave 50 medical ventilators to the country. The supply started its way from Hungary on last Friday and following the required management of logistics and customs clearance it continued its way from Berehove to Western and Eastern Ukraine. HIA’s colleagues are personally handing over the life-saver devices to 46 hospitals in 10 governorates in the following weeks.

A ceremony took place at HIA’s office in Berehove on 26th January where László Lehel, president-director of HIA officially started off the truck with the medical ventilators to continue its way in Ukraine. The value of the supply is 3,5 million Euro. The president-director emphasized that each handover will happen with HIA’s colleagues’ presence at all 46 hospitals. Anatoly Poloskov, the Governor of Transcarpathia called the cooperation between the region and HIA as an example of humanity and a „good-neighbourhood”. He also expressed his thankfulness in the name of all ten governorates for the Hungarian Goverment’s donation. Anikó Lévai, Goodwill Ambassador of HIA said she hopes that the devices will be useful in the general healthcare as well and not only regarding the coronavirus.