HIA started its Advent Fundraising Campaign for the 25th time in 2020. The aim of the campaign is to raise attention to people in need: vulnerable families, children living in poverty and elders in need.

With the help of our donors we can bring joy to these people by handing out Christmas presents, food and hygiene packages, warm clothes and fuels that are much needed in the cold winter months. Besides creating a happy Christmas to them, HIA’s aims are pointing beyond a regular Advent charity: our organization affords 10-15 % of the incoming donations for the Christmas aid programmes, the bigger part of the donation is making it possible for the organization to help people in need in the next year as well.

Within the Advent campaign:

· 200 food packages were sent to families in need. Compared to last year, the number of families who ask for help doubled this year

· In Hungary, 500 children in need will find gifts under their Christmas trees

· 50 children and families in Transcarpathia and 170 beneficiaries, including orphans, elders and families in Transylvania will receive Christmas gifts, food and hygiene packages

· Hundreds of families receives big amount of firewood that is vital in the cold winter months

· Food distributions will be organized for the less fortunate – considering the strict regulations regarding the coronavirus pandemic 500 servings of meals will be given to homeless people and delivered to people living in poverty

We are asking everyone to join our donor community and bring a happier Christmas for ten-thousands of needy people and do not let them down in 2021 neither.

Anyone can easily join the Advent Fundraising Campaign with a bank card by donating here. Donate