With the assistance of Hungarian Interchurch Aid, 3 trucks of aid supply arrived to Transcarpathia on Wednesday afternoon. The supply contained medical equipments that highly important in the fight against coronavirus: 36 016 bottles of hand disinfectants, 49 920 plastic face shields and 120 000 medical masks, the total value of the aid was 123 945 600 HUF.

HIA’s registered permanent office in Ukraine and ADVANCE Transcarpathian Advocacy and Development Center will distribute the aid among healthcare institutions and hospitals in and around Berehove and in Transcarpathia.

Olekszij Petrov, Governor of Transcarpathia and László Lehel, president-director of HIA joined the delivery event on Wednesday. Back in May, the two parties undersigned a cooperation agreement and in only two months many successful collaborations were already set, thanks to the close cooperation between the countries. The Governor said thank for the aid supply and emphasized the professional work done by HIA, also, already made suggestions for the future joint operation.