Help families fleeing Ukraine!

Hungarian Interchurch Aid is implementing humanitarian and development programmes in Niniveh Governorate and Duhok Governorate with the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Erbil. The cooperation has three components but the main aim is to support the education of children and improve basic living conditions.

Within the project six schools in Hatara received support by providing them with education related items. As a result of this aid, HIA managed to improve the educational conditions of 2000 students. One of the six schools is even going to be rehabilitated so children can study under better circumstances.

HIA Hungary is already familiar with the Juveen Orphanage in Sharia as last year we have distributed warm winter clothes to the kids living there. This time, 30 Yazidi children of the orphanage receiving additional learning courses and necessary learning equipment. They can take part in English, Computer, Art, Music and Handcraft courses.

Within the third component of the cooperation the wastewater network is being rehabilitated in Karemles settlement. With this, we can improve basic living and health conditions.
These type of developments are not only an important help for the locals in general, but can encouraging others to return to their homeland.