Help families fleeing Ukraine!

Hungarian Interchurch Aid is ready to get involved in the support of internally displaced people arriving in Western Ukraine. In addition to the centre in Berehovo, HIA is currently setting up a coordination centre in Lviv. The country-wide communication with our partners enables swift implementations of humanitarian programmes in various regions of the country.

HIA is officially registered in Ukraine (Kiev) and operates nationwide. The rapid and coordinated response is made possible thanks to HIA’s 30 year presence and the mechanisms and partnerships established during the crisis that started in 2014-15 along with the recent COVID relief operations (hospital supplies, ventilator deliveries).

Let's help Ukrainian IDPs together! I help too

Recently the Geneva-based international association of church-based aid agencies (ACT Alliance) has also asked HIA to develop proposals for the needed humanitarian assistance. Several major European aid agencies have already reached out to HIA’s Budapest headquarters to support the implementation of international aid programmes.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid is launching a fundraising campaign to support its humanitarian aid programme in response to the conflict situation. The relief agency is also accepting  Online donations can be made through our homepage.

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