In addition to its internationally significant humanitarian work in Ukraine, Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) continues to support refugees coming to Hungary as well. In recent months the services HIA provides for refugees have been integrated, and are now supported by the newly created institution in the heart of Budapest. These range from providing general information, legal advice, labour market counselling to the distribution of in-kind donations, organising various courses and trainings as well as community programmes for the refugees staying in Hungary, whether they are here temporarily or wish to settle for longer term.

While providing tangible support by distributing food, hygiene items, clothing and childcare products, primary aim of the centre will be to provide long-term assistance to those planning their future in Hungary with all kinds of services needed to adjust to life in the country. Giving a helping hand to refugees trying to access education, healthcare, labour market, vocational trainings and language learning programmes, HIA staff will pay special attention to the needs of unaccompanied minors, people with disabilities and the elderly. Believing in the power of community, Hungarian Interchurch Aid will also organise recreational, educational, community outreach and community building programmes, with a focus on social inclusion and talent development.

The establishment of this unique centre was the result of a broad collaboration of international and domestic actors – with the crucial contribution of the Taipei Representative Office, who have made an outstanding donation of $1.5 million.