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HIA Hungary’s short film titled „The Demolisher of the World and the Restorers” made within Qudra programme won the best animated short film award at the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival. The movie is based on HIA’s humanitarian and development work done in Iraq and inspired by the international Qudra programme.
The story is written by János Lackfi and came to life by Ferenc Cakó’s sand animation. The cameraman was Tamás Mundrucz, editor-producer was Rita Egyed. Hungarian language narrator: Károly Rékasi, English language narrator: Iván Kamarás, music by Zoltán Mericske.

For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, this is a tale of a devastating evil in the world that wakes up from time to time to destroy the lives of innocents and ruin the lives of families. But this movie is – and real life as well – about the good in the world that does not give up, as soon as they can help they hurry, rebuild, heal, bring hope for the suffering. To watch the short film click HERE or visit: