As a strategic partner of the Hungary Helps Programme, our organisation has implemented several programmes in the Middle East and East Africa in recent years, and is a key partner in government-supported aid programmes in Ukraine.

We have agreed to extend and strengthen our previous cooperation, particularly in the areas of alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, supporting the return and repatriation of Iraqi Christians who have suffered violent persecution in recent years, and helping communities in war-torn Ethiopia to recover from economic and violent threats.

Tristan Azbej, state secretary of the foreign ministriy said that the humanitarian aid programme launched by the Hungarian government five years ago — which has helped over half million people return to their place of birth — “could not have worked without the cooperation and help of such key partners and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid”.

László Lehel, President-Director of the Hungarian Interchurch, said that “in the past three decades, the organization has become an internationally recognized actor in humanitarian and development work. It is a great pleasure for us that, building on this experience, we have been able to develop a real strategic partnership with the government in recent years, linked to the Hungary Helps Programme. Today, building on the positive experiences and results so far, this joint work can continue with a new chapter.”