Renovation of the Al Hamdaniya Hospital (2019 Lutheran)

Renovation of the Al Hamdaniya Hospital (2019 Lutheran)

Thanks to the HUF 10 million contribution of the Hungarian Lutheran Church, health care in Qaragush has improved for more than 30,000 families. The project aims to renovate the Al Hamdaniya Hospital which employs a total of 800 healthcare workers and has 11 smaller buildings which, however, had been significantly demolished by ISIS, buildings destroyed, and the telephone service completely eliminated.

With the support of the Lutheran Church, the Aid Organization carried out the construction and reconstruction of the telephone network connecting all the buildings of the Al Hamdaniya Hospital. During the project, in addition to the installation of telephone lines, we also installed a switching device capable of handling about 500 telephone lines for flawless connection and communication. This is very important also because the hospital carries out treatment of 300-400 patients a day, including 10-15 births and 10-20 different surgeries.

The support also included the reconstruction of additional 8 restrooms – 4 men’s, 3 women’s and 1 staff.

Project budget: HUF 10,000,000

Date: 2019