Advent Fundraising campaign

In 2022, we are launching our 27th annual Advent Fundraising campaign. This year, extreme price increases are making life harder for everyone and families need every penny. Yet, we are asking for your support because we know that when times are tough, it is not the large individual donations that gets those in need through the toughest times, but the power of community.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s broad network of social institutions throughout the country help thousands of families in need 365 days a year by providing food, home and a chance to improve their situation. Energy prices, the price of food and so many other essential items and services has skyrocketed, which threatens the continuation of this work at the exact time when it is needed more than ever.

We believe that it is in our interest as a society to be there for those who are being pushed into even more desperate situations by this economic crisis. We believe that we must not let go of the hands of the more than 3000 disadvantaged children who participate regularly in our inclusion programmes.

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