Coronavirus pandemic

The economic and social impacts of the coronavirus epidemic deeply affect all people, companies and organizations. It is important that, along with our own problems, to do not forget those who were already in a difficult situation when the consequences of the pandemic reached them: those who do not have a secure home and reserves. Our organization’s mission is to jointly act and help together to those in need and people in trouble even when it takes more creativity and wisdom than ever before to help well.

We are keep helping those in need even when there is a pandemic!

How we helped so far

Who we helped

Thanks to the donations received and the hard work of our volunteers, in our National Centre we have put together 1 000 food and hygiene packages for families.

Because of the strict curfew, we had to provide full care for the families living in our temporary homes and take care of all necessities for the digital education of the children. We provided tablets for children living in our institutions, and our staff did everything to help children get properly involved in the learning process. Many colleagues our offices voluntarily undertook the task to deliver printed educational materials for children who are staying at home and do not have an internet connection or technical equipment.

In the retirement home in Dunavarsány, we ordered a complete quarantine in order to protect the vulnerable people living there. Our staff members have also moved into the instituation and, in addition to being responsible for the day-to-day professional care of the residents, they also take care of their physical and mental health. A new ozone generator has also been put into operation, which is a huge help in sterilizing rooms in a crisis situation and in protecting the elderly.

It became vital to set even more strict hygine and protection regulations is our institutions for the homeless. We help nearly 1 000 homeless people in three parts of the country. Our staff is fighting hard to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus by providing hygiene products and continuous education.

In the period when people had to stay at home the number of those who became victims of domestic violence and asking for help increased. Although the epidemic situation does not allow personal contact, our staff helps through phone and online. At the time of the pandemic, the colleagues of our crisis clinics provided telephone counselling nearly 1 000 occasions.

Many disadvantaged children had difficulty joining the digital education. In their case, further backlogs accumulated during the months of the epidemic. In order to enable children to catch up by the next school year, with the support of E.ON we launched our Catch up 2.0 programme. The 6-month project provides help in catching up to a total of 600 children in 3 regions: in development camps, in classes and on community days.

You can continue to help those who are in a difficult situation because of the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Donate