Charity run

Charity run

Don't just cheer, help!

The purpose of HIA’s charity run community called “DON’T JUST CHEER, HELP!” is to draw the attention of other runners and fans to the organization’s goals, thereby turning as many people as possible from fans into active helpers.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the team if:

… you like to link running and charity, 
… you already know: it is not enough to agree with the good goals, it is not enough to cheer only,
but actions must be taken in order to achieve the goals!

Join our charity run team!

Upcoming competitions

Half Marathon Charity run Berehove

Half Marathon Charity run Berehove

In 2015 we organized the first Half Marathon Charity run in Berehove with the hope of that it will become a tradition. The aim of this social initiative is to raise the attention of the Hungarian general public to the families who are in need because of the failing economical situation as the result of the war in our neighbouring country. In the previous years this event became Transcarpathia's most important running race.

Date of the event this year: 03 October 2020
Participation is free.

More about the race

How can you help?

Buy a merchandise

Buy a merchandise

Buy any of our sponsored products labelled "DON'T JUST CHEER, HELP!"

Here are the first steps that you need to take if you are interested in our programme:

It is simple. Register using the form on the page below. After you registered we will always send you the latest information, for instance, when and in which running race we will take part and what the current goals are.

Join our Facebook group where you will always receive first hand information about the latest news related to our “DON’T BE JUST A FAN, HELP!” programme.

T-shirt ordering: You can pre-order the running jersey or buy it in person at our events. (If you want to be sure you get your size, we recommend pre-ordering.)

If you have any further questions, contact us at necsakszurkolj@segelyszervezet.hu!