Help families fleeing Ukraine!

Primary and high-school students and the residents of an orphanage in Iraq received sports equipment and sportswear from Hungarian Interchurch Aid. The aim of the project – which is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary – is to support the development of the institutions by improving sporting possibilites and by this, to encourage more families to return home. The kids were very happy, because besides all the equipment that needed for basketball, football, handball, volleyball, table tennis and for basic PE lessons, the packages contained sportswear that they immediately pull on themselves and wore it proudly.

All five schools involved in this project are familiar to HIA as they were rebuilt by the NGO to help more children going back to school after ISIS. Restoring education is a key element of returning home on the Nineveh Plains. Besides the educational institutions an orphanage was also among the beneficiary institutions. Juveen Charity Orphanage was set up to accommodate Yezidi children whose parents were killed when the Islamic State swept through Yezidi communities. The orphanage received warm clothes and heaters from HIA last winter. This time, the director and 30 children living in the home were present when we distributed the sports equipment and sportswears. They were extremely happy as for them these equipment are not just items but a chance to play with their friends and a chance for a happier childhood.