Help families fleeing Ukraine!

One of HIA’s project that supports vocational training and job creation arrived to a milestone: a building that operates as a bakery and as a training centre has opened in Khanke, Iraq. The aim is to provide vocational training for Yezidi women to support their returning to their homelands. This project is supported by the Hungary Helps Programme and carried out in partnership with the Free Yezidi Foundation.

It is highly important to give the opportunity for IDPs to take part in vocational training as it is a chance for them to provide a good living for themselves and their families when they return home. As a result of a research done in Khanke camp it turned out that 42% of women living in the camp has never received any education before – though, many of them would like to learn a profession. Within HIA’s programme 96 Yezidi women can take part in a training where they learn about mathematics, business and finance which will be beneficial for them in the future as well.

When the construction came to an end the trainings moved into the building of the bakery where women can learn about the baker profession as well. At the end of the vocational education the participants with their new knowledge are eligible to find a job, take care of themselves and – also, to encourage other people to gain new knowledge. Trainings has already started in the brand new building.